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Field of Gold

I had fallen in love with Dutch landscape painting, particularly those featuring cattle by Aelbert Cuyp.  I wondered what it might mean, if it would mean anything at all, to make an updated version of a Dutch landscape painting, using a rural Cheshire farm as a starting point.  I also wondered if livestock in a painting would have a similar psychological effect as a human figure.  I suspect viewers are hesitant to imagine themselves entering the scene if a human, albeit a painting of one, partially blocks their path.  Sheep are arguably much more predictable.

The rusty Land Rovers lend themselves very well to painting, a challenge to accurately render its unique qualities.  Their weathering surface hints at melancholia, the equivalent of a skull or rotting fruit in a Dutch still life.Sean Williams - 'Treasure'


2 comments on “Field of Gold

  1. ALB1970
    December 18, 2017

    Your paintings move me.
    I just saw ‘Treasure’ for the first time and was immediately happy and almost at the same moment confused because I was wondering where this scene came from? Happy because I know your style and love the straight line’s in your paintings. There is always so much going on but my OCD for order is calmed by your precision. Confusion through trying to imagine what the seed of thought was that spawned the scene, whether you photographed the scene or manufactured it

    • 46seanwilliams
      December 19, 2017

      Many thanks Alan. The scene is a real one, close to the nuclear bunker in Hack Green, a couple of fields full of old Land Rovers and similar vehicles, with sheep roaming around. I loved that combination and the various textures.

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