Sean Williams

This site is for my painting.

A Decade Of Success


This painting depicts an assortment of rubble, a familiar scene but one that I am drawn to it because it may suggest the end of something, and the beginning of something new.  Or some minor incident may have occurred and we fleetingly become a voyeur.  It could act as a melancholic metaphor, possibly for Painting itself, in that it is such a fraught and fragile exercise, liable to come crashing down at any point.  This particular pile is not just made up bricks or wood but has many different elements to it, and the flecks of brighter colour amongst the grey reminded me of Jackson Pollock’s ‘Lucifer’.  There is a kind of alloverness too, the sprawl of the detritus extending beyond the painting’s edge.  As a subject it lends itself to painting with a rich selection of colour and tone; and without having a central object as a focal point the rubble becomes difficult to recognise at first glance. The image just begins to break down and fracture, like its subject.


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