Sean Williams

This site is for my painting.

Guaranteed Pleasure

Guaranteed Pleasure This painting is, in some ways, a companion piece to ‘No Sign Of X’.  Hung side-by-side a visual echo becomes apparent – the arch of the bridge matches the curve of the red pipes in ‘Guaranteed Pleasure’, and both fences in the middle-distance are in very similar positions in the paintings.  My intention was to suggest a stronger connection between the two paintings than may initially be apparent, an experiment in presenting two images in an attempt to create additional narrative. The contrast in terrain is marked – there is a geographical and psychological gap.  Whereas ‘No Sign Of X’ lies on the edge of a built environment, this new build is in the very heart of suburbia. The red pipes are a means of introducing high, real colour into a painting.  They are relatively unusual objects within a familiar scene, and might be seen as being slightly phallic, encouraging me to title the painting with the kind of phrase that might feature in a condom advertisement, but that might also be part of an estate agent’s seductive spiel – the promise of contentment offered by a new home. My desire to paint building work comes from wanting to depict something happening, some potential.  It will, hopefully, look very different this time next week, something for regular passers-by to check on to see the various stages of construction laid bare, and how things progress.  It would be a gift for time-lapse photography, though not so conducive to a painting project in which each separate work takes two months.  There is surely some irony in my painting of the foundations of a house taking longer than the actual house to complete.


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