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No Sign Of X

No Sign Of X

My intention was to depict a more pastoral scene, influenced by seeing a number of Turners and Constables in the Tate Gallery. They possess a tranquility that is absent in my paintings of suburbia. I wanted a place that was neither in the middle of nowhere, nor obviously suburban. There is a house amongst the line of trees on the distant horizon.
I am attempting to imply rural bliss – away from the busy town – only for it to be denied us by the presence of a discarded, unidentifiable object. While it fits neatly into the painting’s composition it also irritates as any eyesore would. It has the look of half a mattress or the bound cover of a sun-lounger, or possibly something more sinister – the headless torso of a treacherous local gangster, perhaps.
It is an altogether drab scene. The sky is not bright enough to offer any hope of sunshine, or the heavy grey of potential rainstorm. It is nothing, and suits the somber, melancholic atmosphere of the rest of the painting.


2 comments on “No Sign Of X

  1. kalunn
    June 21, 2015

    Something sinister lies in this rural idyll.

  2. 46seanwilliams
    June 21, 2015

    I hope so!

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