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Perfect Winter

Perfect Winter

The Impressionists in particular painted snow scenes with such verve and panache – a celebration of the colours produced by winter sunlight on snow. This, however, is an altogether more sombre view. Some activity in implied by a small gap in the fence and the open door of the cabin, but there is no sign of anyone. The tyre tracks suggest someone has recently been and gone, possibly the site foreman to check up on the watchman on New Year’s Eve.
Any attempt to walk through the scene appears to be forbidden, or at least discouraged by the hazard cone positioned directly in the centre of the path. The simple pleasure of walking on crisp, virgin snow is denied us on this occasion. And even if we were to negotiate our way past the cone, the metal fence, feeble but a barrier nonetheless, again denies us access to where we might want to go. Ultimately thwarted, we turn back and trudge home to our house on the edge of town, in a nice area, not in suburbia you understand.


One comment on “Perfect Winter

  1. Katherine
    April 17, 2014

    Exquisitely executed.

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