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How Can This Survive

How Can This Survive

This terrain is both rural and urban, yet neither fully rural nor urban. There is an undecidability to this landscape. This ambiguity is attractive because it stands as a possible metaphor for the state of being just prior to a decision bring reached. We stand on the cusp of one thing or the other.
The brightly coloured flowers in the foreground and the red and green leaves on the trees are intended to give a sense of an ordinary painting, a study of attractive flora, and nothing more or less. Behind lies darker matter. The house, the central motif, sits deep amongst the trees, while a much larger, brutalist building looms behind, hidden to the point of near unrecognisability. Those who see it regularly may be able to identify it as a hospital. My intention was for it look like a building of some import.
The ‘This’ in the title could refer specifically to the painting itself, more generically the act of painting, or some element or motif within the painting – the hospital, or if the hospital is to be read as a symbol, the NHS perhaps.


One comment on “How Can This Survive

  1. kalunn
    June 21, 2015

    I adore this painting. One of my favourites.

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