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Finding Out

Finding Out

I dared myself to put a bit more in it and not rely on it being mundane. I tried to keep a balance between keeping it looking ordinary (with a stupid amount of detail) and including some elements that might point towards some sort of narrative. The bars of the fence in the near foreground act to keep the viewer from properly entering the scene, and therefore feel more like a voyeur. My aim was for the combination of fences to make us feel constrained and frustrated.
I liked that the fence in the mid-distance was half-painted, not even half-painted, actually – it’s a very poor effort, as if someone started it, felt a bit of drizzle so went inside to watch ‘Cops with Guns’. I thought about leaving my painting similarly half-finished, but find that difficult because it spoils the effect of it possibly being a window or a photograph. In the centre of the painting there is also a small note pinned to the fence. It might give us a clue to the fence-painter’s whereabouts or could reveal something more sinister.


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