Sean Williams

This site is for my painting.

He Wanted More

This is a garage of a house on the edge of town, which I’ve tried to indicate by including the tree in the foreground. Three garages – that’s a bit flash. I came up with the title ‘He Wanted More’ – it might not seem it but I work hard on titles. I think they can be important and influence how a picture is approached/understood, how I might comprehend a picture. It’s an everyday scene, but with the addition of the title it becomes mysterious and intriguing. With ‘He Wanted More’ I was trying to imply two things – firstly, that the owner of the car might have wanted more from life, or less tragically, simply wanted another garage for the car we see here. It took me a while to take a good photo, waiting for the right light, to create a shadow to fall across the drive and onto the garage – to create space and depth, and also doing that by having a lot of detail on the tree in the foreground.


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