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Why Does Anybody Want Anything?

Why Does Anybody Want Anything?

Diggers and trucks still look like outsize toys to me – bright, synthetic colours in a quiet, sombre setting. It was also an odd juxtaposition to see heavy machinery near water, building a marina. There was a stillness – a suggestion of abandoned activity with little sign of the task being recommenced.
I wanted to see if a frieze-like composition like this could be successful. I hoped it would look odd and perhaps make a strange scene even stranger. Unlike some of my other paintings it had some pictorial depth to it – something really up close in the foreground and distant trees, and it’s always a challenge to try and describe that space. I like attempting to try and create the illusion that, as a viewer, you might be looking through a window.
This painting was shortlisted for The Woolgather Art Prize 2012.


One comment on “Why Does Anybody Want Anything?

  1. Joan Thompson
    February 1, 2013

    I love this picture Sean – really captures the delicacy of nature and the encroaching brute force of the diggers

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